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The dynamic format of our online event generates outstanding emotions and spontaneous connections
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Connect your brand with your customers.

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Connect your company with your team.


We created a unique way to say "WE CARE" to your client and your team
Testimony of Sergio Fontenelle about Blend Inspire

“Spectacular event thought with all the care you need to surprise and engage! In a moment of so much uncertainty and turbulence, we managed to create an environment of support, solidarity, inclusion, and celebration!”

Sergio Fontenelle Marques
Tax Managing Partner, EY Brazil
Testimony of Marcelo Godinho about Blend Inspire

"Connection, emotion, and joy. All of this you find flowing with Blend!"

Marcelo Godinho
People Advisory Services, EY Brazil
Testimony of Katy Zambotto about Blend Inspire

“Blend found a light way to promote a unique experience, in times of social isolation, with the most humanized atmosphere and this will certainly dictate the beauty of digital experiences going forward.”

Katy Zambotto
HR Manager at Natura
Testimony of Carlos Alves about Blend Inspire

"The Blend Inspire experience was unique... Being able to talk about culture, life, music and the lightness of a conversation between friends helps to shorten the distances and look at the purposes that each one saw on this journey... It was really cool!!!”

Carlos Alves
Executive Director Technology Lojas Riachuelo
Testimony of Karina Rondan about Blend Inspire

"The organization of the event was just perfct, from the understanding of the briefing to the final delivery. Really interesting attractions, integrated even with different themes. The production team of the event was pleasant the entire time, with good will and positive energy. Providing a wonderful evening and great integration with our team."

Karina Rondan
R&D Innovação Riachuelo and Midway
Testimony of Juliana Frigo about Blend Inspire

"Many people were hired during the pandemic. We have been meeting every day for months to discuss our areas, teams and deliveries. The proposal was to create connections and it happened naturally during the event. It was an incredible and relaxed experience."

Juliana Frigo
Cell Agile, IT Manager, Riachuelo


We disclose your company culture in an unprecedented way by mapping "shakers" that embody your values

Who We Are


  • The loyalty of customers & partners
  • Product release
  • Brand positioning


  • Team consolidation
  • Leadership dynamics
  • Celebration of milestones
  • Company anniversary


  • Reinforcing values
  • Creating an internal culture
  • Integrating new collaborators
  • CSR Release

"We were inspired by the best parties that took place in Paris, in the late 90s, where everything happened in the kitchen of the apartments. We had an extraordinary blend of eccentrics, intellectuals from all social classes where the criterion of hype was to bring a vision of positive change for society."

Nadia Léauté
Founder of Blend Inspire

We spread your company culture in an unprecedented way by mapping "shakers" that embody your values.

We help companies to position themselves in this new era of responsible capitalism 5.0 by building innovative CSR policies.

We created Taylor-made content that generates spontaneous connections that would never have happened in real life.

We use Art and Philanthropy as social sparks inside and outside organizations.

Blend Inspire, a unique way of saying "WE CARE" to your client and your team.


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