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Sandro Testinha

Manager in Social Actions using Skateboarding as a tool for Social Inclusion, through sports and educational activities.

Sandro is the idealizer of the Skateboarding Social Association, and has as a proposal the realization of acts that aim at the social, educational, and cultural inclusion of children and teenagers in situations of social vulnerability, through sports, cultural, and leisure activities.

It was created in 2011 with the intention of improving the local coexistence among children and teenagers in the Calmon Viana neighborhood, in the city of Poá, by offering sports activities in an interdisciplinary way, combining education, sports, culture, and leisure. They served an average of 800 children and adolescents in the period between 2011 and 2015. Before founding Social Skate, the project existed for 10 years at Fundação Casa, and upon noticing the difficulty in recovering young people who were serving socio-educational measures, we decided in 2011 to create the Social Skate Association with a preventive work, with the goal of guiding and giving opportunities for children and adolescents to build their future away from the situations that social vulnerability offers.

Specializations: Skateboarding instructor, event voiceover, and production assistant for sporting events.

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