Blend Inspire | Riachuelo

Team building

What the customer asked for:

Faced with the new challenges of the market, work dynamics and management, riachuelo’s IT team sought an opportunity to integrate, engage and strengthen the team’s identity and the feeling of belonging in the face of the challenging scenario of physical distance. In addition, Rchlo also looked for Blend because it wanted to connect with the theme of diversity.

Client:RIACHUELO / riachuelo.com.br


• TheNG:Pretalab / pretalab.com

• Artist:Rimon Guimarães / @rimonguimaraes

What we deliver

We connected Rchlo with Preta Lab, a social organization that maps black women in the technology market. We launched a crowdfunding campaign during the event to empower 20 women through an online digital empowerment course. In addition, we proposed drinks recipes, guided tour of the studio of the artist Rimon Guimarães and interactive virtual tours.

Blend Inspire | Riachuelo

“The Blend Inspire experience was unique… we made a big surprise to all the technology leaders of Riachuelo, Midway and Guararapes and it was a fantastic Friday. I think this whole moment of social distancing for teams or tribes in technology has brought additional suffering and a much greater intensity of work… being able to talk about culture, life, music and the lightness of a conversation between friends helps to shorten the distances and look at the purposes that each one served on this journey… it was really cool!!”

– Carlos Alves, Executive Director of Technology at Riachuelo Stores

Blend Inspire | Riachuelo

“The organization of the event was impeccable, from the understanding of the briefing to the final delivery. Super interesting attractions, integrated even with different themes. The production team of the event has always been pleasant, with goodwill and positive energy. Night of integration with our team.”

– Karina Rondan, R&D Innovation Riachuelo and Midway

Blend Inspire | Riachuelo

“Many people were hired during the pandemic. We’ve been meeting every day for months to discuss our areas, teams and deliveries. The proposal was to create connections and this happened naturally during the event. It was an amazing and relaxed experience.”

– Juliana Frigo, Cell Agile, IT Manager, Riachuelo

Blend Inspire | Riachuelo

“It was one of the most interesting events I participated in during this quarantine period. First, because I’ve never seen such a lively team, even facing new challenges in this pandemic context. Second, because the experience of the event with different activities, provided a sense of presence, even online. Live Blend and all the initiatives you take.”

– Silvana Bahia – NGO Pretalab