Blend Inspire | Broadpeak

Team building

What the customer asked for:

Strengthen the relationship with customers and prospects. Strengthen the leadership image and be a reference in key topics such as S4Streaming and generate leads for the commercial team.

Target audience: CEO/CTO of telecommunications operators.

Client:BROADPEAK / broadpeak.tv


• NGO:Internet Society / internetsociety.org

• VJ:United VJs / @united_vjs

• Artist:Dimitre Lima / @dimitrelima

Date: October, replacing the annual IBC meeting in Amsterdam.

Other requirements: Meet all time zones in LATAM, North America, Asia, Europe / Middle East regions.

Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese; product demonstration session; share customer cases.

What we deliver:

7 events in 4 geographic regions

• BPK 10 – The VIP Experience: networking format “targeted” to engage top C Level customers, with participatory premium content that generates emotions, with unprecedented networking dynamics in “virtual tours”.

• BROADPEAK OPEN HOUSE: multi-stage event format with all the characteristics of a live face-to-face event, simultaneous chats, interaction tools and networking opportunities available at any time; opportunity to develop conversations and lead generation.

• SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: launch of the company’s CSC (Corporate Social Responsibility) program. We connect Broadpeak with the global NGO Internet Society that implements the Internet in the most vulnerable places in the world. We run a crowdfunding campaign to support 3 engineers from developing countries so they can implement projects to make the Internet more accessible in their respective communities. That’s how Broadpeak celebrated its 10th anniversary by giving back to society.

Other event experiences

• Visit to the studio of video artist Dimitre Lima / @dimitrelima

• Live cooking class with Chef Frederic Aumeunier / @aumeunierf

• Wine tasting with the SOMI Mandarin Oriental sommelier Ini Gabriel Uko / anothersipplease.com

• Live jazz pocket show by Avalon / @avalonjazzband

• Wine and music experience with Tati Piva / @tatipimusica

Blend Inspire | Broadpeak

“Blend has helped us organize a series of new events for our customers and partners. They have allowed us to (re)connect with them during this period of work at home and share a unique experience and memories with our VIP customers. Thanks to Blend’s brilliant ideas, work and high energy, the events have generated an image of Broadpeak as a very innovative company! An excellent new mix of business, art, philanthropy. Thank you Blend Inspire!”

– Elodie Levrel | Communications Director – Broadpeak

Blend Inspire | Broadpeak

“Blend Inspire took the opportunity in the virtual space to bring together many people in different time zones in an invigorating way. When it comes to creative and social functions, Blend always comes to mind, for its dedication to finding unique art and designing an efficient collaboration.”

– Ini Uko Sommelier Grand Mandarin Oriental NYC