Blend Inspire | Ey

We energize EY leaders in the midst of the pandemic and help strengthen the digital transformation dynamics the company has been going through.

Team building

What the customer asked for:

Thank you event for the end of the exercise and welcome to the new business cycle to energize leaders, provoke deeper reflections, put things in perspective and rethink the way we work and relate. EY wanted to focus on the theme of digital transformation.

Blend Inspire | Ey

Client:EY / ey.com


• NGO:Recode / recode.org.br

• Artist:Rimon Guimarães / @rimonguimaraes

What we deliver:

We connect EY with Recode, a social organization focused on digital empowerment, which seeks to train autonomous, conscious and connected young people, able to reprogram their realities through the use of technology. Recode works in partnership with institutions, libraries and public schools to form a large network that creates opportunities for young people in situations of social vulnerability. We launched a crowdfunding campaign at the event to raise funds to train 20 young people in a training course promoted by Recode. In addition to the social side, we had a guided tour of an artist’s studio, preparing drinks and VJs Unidos.

Blend Inspire | Ey

“Spectacular event, thought with all the care necessary to surprise and engage! In a time of so much uncertainty and turbulence, we have managed to create an environment of support, solidarity, inclusion and celebration.”

– Sergio Fontenelle Marques | Tax Managing Partner, EY Brazil

Blend Inspire | Ey

“Connection, emotion and joy. All this, you’ll find flowing with Blend!”

– Marcelo Godinho | People Advisory Services

Blend Inspire | Ey

“The event was a success! The format gave us the possibility to meet artists, new partners and tell a little more about the mission of Recode and our projects. It was exciting to see the engagement of the participants with the stories of our young people and their enthusiasm for social transformation! It’s always a wonderful experience to be able to connect with more people who want to make a difference in the world.”

– Rodrigo Baggio, CEO NGO Recode