We're on a mission.

We believe that human connections with purpose change the world for the better.
We believe that mixing culture, social impact and responsible business is the best way to improve people’s lives and make a difference. We believe that human talent and creativity are infinite, but many are wasted.
We break invisible barriers and unite talent with companies.

Culture & Impact

What we do.

We connect our own highly healed and growing global community of inspiring talent in culture & impact to companies looking to express their sense of purpose and increase the cultural relevance of their brand.

How? We build creative solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, using the extensive marketing, project management and production experience of our team in agencies and on the client side. Each project involves a series of innovative creative proposals built by our team and matchmaking a selection of talents from our community in the fields of culture and social impact. Depending on the situation, we work with c-level, commercial and marketing or HR teams. Our production capacity means that we can deliver and implement short-term point projects for specific occasions, as well as medium and long-term programs that will totally reshape a company’s culture or agenda of purpose. We put in physical events as well as in virtual muti-site.

Who we are.

We are more than just an agency or consultancy. Our goal is to build a community of changemakers across culture, social impact, entrepreneurship and businesses that will use their respective powers to generate impact at all levels. We’re part of a cultural movement.
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Our founder, Nadia Léauté Legrix, was inspired by the best parties in Paris in the late 1990s where, in the kitchens of the apartments, an extraordinary mix of eccentrics, artists and intellectuals from all walks of life would come together and struggle to bring about positive change for society.

Prior to Blend, Nadia held several international marketing roles at companies such as L’Oreal, Pernod Ricard, LVMH and is a former marketing director of Rolex in Brazil.