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VJ Suave – Ygor Marotta

Ygor Marotta is an audiovisual artist. Part of the artistic duo VJ Suave together with Ceci Soloaga, they work with projected motion animation, video-mapping, audiovisual installations, and virtual reality.

App – Digital painting and animation with Ygor Marotta

Ygor has been working with digital art since 2009. As a VJ Suave, he has participated in festivals in more than 25 countries around the world. His knowledge is broad within animation, projection, and video-mapping.

This masters the use of Tagtool, a collaborative painting application that explores the interaction between drawing, technology, and architecture that through projections transforms walls into art panels and familiar places into scenarios that transport us to the fantasy universe.

It is a tool that preserves the spontaneity of analog media and the flow of hands that draw and animate as imagination builds. Based on improvisation, the technology allows the interaction between the artist and the audience.

Ygor introduces and teaches participants how to operate the application, with painting and animation techniques.

Also as part of the mentoring, other programs such as Photoshop, Flash, Tilt Brush, and Modul8 may be introduced, according to the needs of each participant.

Drawing and animation projected onto an urban surface.

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