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A visual artist with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from New York University, he understands art and education as agents of transformation in one continuous process within society. Her work is divided between the studio and outdoor activities, often with local and indigenous Brazilian communities. Angerami uses drawing, painting, sculpture-installation, engraving, video, photography, and urban interventions as supports for his research.

His works are present in permanent collections of international institutions, such as, among others, the International Printmaking Association of Kyoto in Japan, the Museum of Parliament Art of São Paulo, and the Marcos Amaro Art Factory (FAMA). “I propose a reflection on nature from the spiritualist worldview. A concept of ancestry where humanity and the universe are one, a kind of primordial connection between human and nature. I seek the contemplation of the sublime, the sacred of the natural world, as if I were in front of a great ancestral home, of existential territories. Humanity is part of this system and depends on it to exist.

Adding value to brands (art and sustainability); Creating dialogue between consumer and product; Exclusive projects/collections; Indoor and outdoor murals; Paintings and art installations; Lectures, courses and workshops on landscape, art and environment; Mentoring for artists; Visits to museums and art exhibitions.

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