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Anthony Taieb

Frenchman living in Brazil for 10 years. After stepping on Brazilian soil, I put down roots.

Today I work with… languages! I am a musician, mainly saxophonist, translator, interpreter, and I work with international communication facilitation (international business development and projects).

I studied political science in Paris, specialized in urban policies, worked with development in low-income areas in Rio and with international cooperation in São Paulo.

I graduated in 2017 from the Conservatory of São Paulo (EMESP Tom Jobim) in Brazilian Popular Music. Since then, I have multiplied and diversified my activities, always related to languages: concerts, simultaneous interpretations, translations, French diction classes for lyric singers, entrepreneurship, etc. I am also interested in the mysteries of the human mind and am entering the universe of psychedelic therapies, conducting therapy sessions as a facilitator.

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