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Alli Willow

Alli Willow is a French-American actress, living in Brazil for 9 years. She trained in performing arts at Rick Odums’ International Jazz Institute, in Paris and in New York at Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute.

Alli has appeared in plays such as Chicago and Hair in Paris at the Pierre Cardin Space. He acted in the play Bloodsports by George Loros. He has acted in films such as Intime Conviction by Rémy Burkel and Gypsies in America by National Geographic. Alli made his debut in Brazilian cinema with Bacurau, by Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles. He recorded the series “Delegates” by Leo Lacca, Tião and Marcelo Lordello. She acted in the series Lighter Than Air (HBO), worked at Netflix with two seasons of the series “The Chosen One” and in the second season of “Most Beautiful Thing”. She starred in “Tinnitus” by Gregorio Graziosi, was in the film “Três verões” by Sandra Kogut, and acted in the short film “Próteses” by Afonso Poyart.

He recently starred in “District 666” by Paulo Nascimento, “Epitaph” by Jorge Farjalla and Bernardo Barreto, “Warden” by Marcus Alqueres, “Voragem” by Pedro Oranges, and “Hamburg Angels” by Tv Globo. In 2020, Alli wrote and directed the short film “For the Life in Me” and has written 2 features and 3 short films. He also co-directed the film “Mulato”, a documentary about Capoeira.

Conscious actress. An actress who understands her own profile, but is not limited to the options given by the audiovisual market.

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