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VJ Spetto

VJ Spetto, founder of United VJs and VJ University, has been working as a VJ for over 20 years, and is one of the pioneers of this art form in Brazil, performing at major festivals, plays, operas, in theater and television, as well as at art exhibitions and large ceremonies. Responsible for the visuals for the Olympic Ceremonies in Rio de Janeiro, Cochabamba, and Buenos Aires, he is a specialist in Image Direction / VideoMapping.

In 2019 he directed the videomapping for the Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Communist Revolution in China, holding a projection on the 420-meter-high CCTV Antenna Tower in Beijing. In 2020 he organized China’s first International Videomapping Festival, the ACSEE Festival in Datong, a historic city over 5000 years old.

“I maintain a humane and empowering vision in all the projects I am in. I believe that our greatest legacy is our causes. An inclusive reading allows for a more comprehensive result, with a much greater return, by working with people’s memories. Which makes my experience in telling stories, creating narratives, turning dreams into images very positive for the end result.”

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