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Fabiano Serencovich, “SENK

From São Mateus, far east of São Paulo. His first drawings began in 2007 on the walls of the school where he studied.

Senk is a trained advertising executive, but has dedicated his career to the arts, with works exhibited in galleries and in the main Brazilian contemporary art fairs. art fairs in Brazil.

Son of a fairground worker, his ancestors are from the north of Minas Gerais, a region of rural sustenance, with subsistence agriculture7, cattle raising, planting and exploration of precious stones such as gold and diamonds (garimpo).

Despite his urban pictorial identification with the Street Art universe, his works are deeply rooted in his family’s history and in the rural environment of the Jequitinhonha Valley. The artist often illustrates characters from the backlands, in local settings, but with a high dose of surrealism in his vision. The humble appearance contrasts with the use of gold, silver and bronze leaf in stylized depictions of routine life. In his work, the country man does not forget his dreams, his music, his children, his animals, even in a land without much hope for great things.

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