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Raimo Benedetti

He is a video artist, film editor, and researcher. Author of the book “Among Birds and Horses, Muybridge, Marey” (SESI-SP Publisher, 2018). She was a fellow of the contemporary art center Arteleku, Spain in 2002. He has worked with film, video, and documentary editing for over 30 years, and has contributed to important Brazilian filmmakers such as Fernando Meirelles and Cao Hamburger. For more than 10 years, Benedetti has been teaching the Pre-Cinema course, which has been applied in universities, artistic and cultural institutions in Brazil and abroad. His lecture-performance “Cinema of Attractions”, was presented, in 2013, at the Festival Live Cinema, Rio de Janeiro. Benedetti has been a member of the Magic Lantern Society since 2018.

New media, old media

At a historical moment when, thanks to digital formats, languages interact and overlap with each other, the mentorship aims to accompany people who are interested in analyzing the complex interactions between the past and the present. Pre-cinema and post-cinema come together at their extremes. Aimed at artists and researchers who want to use, or get deeper into, art and technology as it relates to the use of new and old media. Aimed at those who wish to produce works in experimental cinema or video, installations, or works that make unconventional use of language. It also aims to enable students to develop academic or independent research related to media archaeology.

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