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Based in the urban heart of Brazil, São Paulo, the visual artist known as Negritoo uses his art to express dreams, thoughts, and desires through the female references that were influences from his childhood and have become the main focus of his work.

Although he was always close to cartoons and comics, it was the classes in high school, the context and effervescent experiences of art in his basic education, that marked the beginning of an intimate interest in the area. Graduated in Industrial Design from Mackenzie and post-graduated in graphic design from SENAC, he began his journey as a designer and illustrator, and today is present in the technical construction and composition of his works.

In the playful traces of pop references through the very original figurative images, the appeal with the audience is almost immediate. Today, he is developing on new surfaces and sees street art as a vehicle for the expression of his creations.

The experimentation in the superimposition of textures, strokes, and colors reveal movements and a vibrant narrative that lies in the eternal challenge of finding new, unconventional canvases, from textiles to banal everyday objects that can house his artistic expression and create a multi-channel dynamic between media and surfaces.

In an incessant construction of repertoires, Negritoo uses references from daily life and from his cultural baggage to add to his creations and the projects he develops, and thus becomes a multidisciplinary artist without losing the essence and remarkable style that defines his art.

With my art and artistic vision, plus a background of more than 20 years of experience in design, illustration, and art. I can offer some skills that can add value and diversity to projects.

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