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Nathalie Edenburg

Nathalie Edenburg is a Brazilian model, artist and designer. His history in fashion begins at the age of 14, face of the most important campaigns and magazine covers in Brazil and around the world, he comes into contact at a very young age with the culture and customs of several countries. This awakens her interest in art, which, together with her social engagement, leads her to be invited to produce her first film.

He worked as an artist, in 2014 he painted a ‘Knotted Gun’ for the Non Violence Project, which Yoko Ono is an ambassador for. In 2015 he produced his first authorial project, ‘How Do I Feel Today’, which was on display at the São Paulo Biennale during SPFW,and then represented by Luis Maluf Art Gallery. Half of the profit from the sale of the works was destined for the social project, also developed by her – and which bears the same name – which offers art workshops promoted to children in situations of risk and low income.The workshops are continued until today and is considered ‘the artist’s life project’.

Dividing his life between the fashion and art worlds, he lived in New York for 5 years, during which time he produced new series such as ‘Mirror’ and ‘Barcelona’. In 2018, she unites fine arts with jewelry, beginning her relationship with jewelry design through handcrafted and unique processes. In 2019 Nathalie returns to São Paulo, seeing the horizon between art and fashion in a much more unified and broad way. She founded her own brand – Nathalie Edenburg Art Jewelry – with the slogan ‘bridging the gap between everyday life and art’. She was invited, as a designer, to participate in the book ‘Joias do Brasil’, which brings together 40 Brazilian contemporary jewelry designers, and has also participated in several other projects and collabs with Brazilian brands and magazines. In 2020 she was one of the artists invited to paint a 10m x 5m canvas for the ‘Drive Thru Art’ project, an exhibition in Drive Thru format that took place in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, offering a gift to the city of São Paulo.

Soon after, he participated in the exhibition ‘Tangentes’ at the Luis Maluf gallery, formed by the same collective of artists as Drive Thru. Forbes recognized the artist’s work and in 2020 Nathalie made the Forbes Under 30 list in the Fine Art category.

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