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Marina Rodrigues

Trained in jewelry making and fine arts, Marina Rodrigues found herself at the intersection of these two languages, like someone who grasps the subtlety of a design work and expands it into a new sensitive and structural vision at the same gesture that she translates onto canvas.

His research delves into a geometry that proposes a dialogue with the surroundings:

Marina tangents the urban space, investigates its gray aesthetics, its dense tones, without giving up a geometric unfolding that returns us to the eventual austerity of the city in a resignification of this beauty. His path goes from this sensitive geometry to a critical geometry: the city and its politics, the individual dilution, the summoning to the collective. The city that your canvases bring, translate to us some delicacy that is still possible.

The unfolding of his geometric poetics maintains his artistic integrity in different supports: the identity of his Tape Art, the topology of his sculptures, as well as the proposals of his canvases and the reach of his murals have in this obstinacy (and in this sense, he is also close to his references, Amilcar de Castro and Franz Weissmann) the line that unites them: a work that walks with a consistent fluidity, of one who does not omit himself to experimentation, but who does not exempt himself from his aesthetic principles.

1.Assembling an online portfolio.

What information is required to complement the portfolio

How to write a bio

How to build a resume

What is the correct order of pages and information

How to write caption of works with gallery pattern

How to reach potential customers with your portfolio

** Mentoring does not provide digital knowledge of programs (Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.)

2.Marketing for artists

Marketing techniques focused on instagram (stories, feed organization, mandatory information in the bio, profile picture, captions, hashtag and tips on applications for professional editing)

3.How to connect with brands and make partnerships

Techniques for visibility focused on artistic projects linked to brands

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