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Born in Maringá – Paraná, Majo is Mariana Jorge’s artistic name. Designer with a master’s degree from FAU/USP, lives and works in São Paulo as a designer, teacher, artist, and curator. Since 2015 she uses the streets as a support for her art that portrays nature, women and their subjectivities. His most used technique is the CMYK layer stencil, as well as freehand paintings of characters and landscapes.

My work as an artist is intrinsically related to the streets, the possibility of exploring the question of scale and the relationship of art to the city is what interests me most. It is a very strong idea to observe how much a painting makes ordinary people be touched by art and that I can thus make their day lighter and happier. Most of what I paint on the streets are large stencil murals, always with themes related to my intimate universe as a woman and as an individual who relates to the most diverse situations: loss, violence, struggle, the search for happiness through simplicity, and relationships of friendship, love, and motherhood.

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