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Leo Andrade

Founding partner of Companhia dos Fermentados and Fermentare Escola de Fermentação

Founder of ABKOM – Brazilian Association of Kombucha

A specialist in rudimentary fermentation techniques, he worked for 10 years with technology until he decided to change his life. He graduated as a brewery technician and for the last 6 years has dedicated himself to rescuing the ancient techniques of preserving and transforming food through fermentation. In 2020 he launched the book Fermentação à Brasileira (Brazilian Fermentation), 4 years ago he founded Companhia dos Fermentados (an industry of non-conventional fermented beverages), Fermentare Escola de Fermentação (space for classes, courses, and lectures on fermentation), and 2 years ago, ABKOM – Associação Brasileira de Kombucha (Brazilian Association of Kombucha).

How to become an entrepreneur in the fermented beverage market.

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