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Bruna Augusto

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Coordinator of Social Projects in Universal Basic Income, Direct Democracy, and Digital Property Founder of Instituto ReCivitas (2006-), she is the director of the pioneer project of the Basic Income Startup in the community of Quatinga Velho (2008-), and speaker, co-author of several articles in various publications, congresses, and galleries related to the theme of work. More recently (2020-), during the pandemic he worked in collaboration with the Economics Department of the UNIPACE-ONU in Rome on the issues of Circular Economy and New Social Contracts.

Currently, in addition to the Institute, Project and Publications (NFT) is dedicated to the opening and management of endowments and the new ReCivitas-Italy headquarters.

Hub of ideas, innovation, events, projects LECTURES: CCFD, France; ISCTE, Portugal; Hamburger Netzwerk, TEDxBologna; Grundeinkommen,Germany; Keynote speaker at the XIV International BIEN Congress, Munich; Leuven University, Belgium; Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan; Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan; Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan; Karlshure University, Germany Lecture at the exhibition “Examples to follow: shipping in aesthetics and sustainability” at the Latin America Memorial, Marta Traba.

ORGANIZER: TEDxItaimBibi PUBLICATIONS: BASIC INCOME, International University for Peace (UNIPACE)- Rome. Edizioni UniversItalia. CIRCULAR ECONOMY, International University for Peace (UNIPACE), Rome. It’s Basic Income. Amy Downes and Stewart Lansley. PolicyPress. Gandhi A Global Perspective 100 Authors: 100 articles: 100 years since Gandhiji’s change of atire at MADURAI. Shobana Nelasco, Gandhi Foundation. CONGRESSES: X ISTR International Conference (Johns Hopkins University), Siena, Italy. XIV International BIEN Congress, Munich, Germany.

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