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My name is Julio Cesar Terra Limiro, better known as Julios. I was born in São José dos Campos and currently live in São Paulo. I am an artist, photographer, graphic designer, and entrepreneur who owns the clothing and advisory brand polen.AMOR. I had my first contact with painting at the age of 13 painting landscapes, flowers, and still life.

In 2020 during the pandemic period, I went into a severe depression plagued by COVID-19. At this point I decided to look for other ways to stop my psychological decline, and it was then that I rescued painting. Today I can define my creative process as chaotic and visceral where the right does not exist and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My paintings can be on canvas, paper scraps, or even wood scraps that I find on the streets.

The interpretation of my works is left to the criteria of those who absorb the message that I always leave with a mediumistic gaze, delivering all my energies when I am painting.

“I am a visual artist with expertise in image direction and photography. My works both artistic and audiovisual are associated with artistic manifestations and the expressions of everyday life.

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