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Jonathan Haagensen

Actor, producer and musician. Born and raised in Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro, he fell in love with acting through the Nós no Morro project. He began his career as an actor in the film “City of God”, by Katia Lund and Fernando Meirelles, and since then has acted in several films, soap operas, and series. He directed his first short film in Vidigal, called Tangerine, and currently uses his vast experience from the film sets for his work as producer and director. Currently he is the producer of the documentary film “Se eu viver vai ser mira” (If I live it will be a miracle).

Producer Black Pen Films

A Brazilian audiovisual production company that develops high quality projects with the objective of building new imaginaries through images and sounds. The black pen is symbolic for the brand. A pen that traces, builds, and signs freely. A symbol of wealth and power. Thinking of the autonomy to tell stories in a positive way and avoid the reproduction of stereotypes that have existed for years in the audiovisual media, partners Jonathan Haagensen, Mariana Veil , Luciano Vidigal, and Roberta Rodrigues joined forces to take over the narrative and guarantee a constant and attentive look at the deepest questions of human beings, which go beyond skin color. Through the creation of new projects, co-productions with relevant themes, and the formation and training of talent, Black Pen aims to directly impact the market with solar projects that show infinite possibilities of existence for all people in society.

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