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In his first years of career, the artist has already been selected to represent the Belas Artes team at the largest art fair in Latin America, the SP Arte, being one of the promises with his work “Nahal. Later on, he participated in 4 more private exhibitions. It is from the intense magnetization provided by art that the first traces emerge, but it is in the maturity of advertising communication that the artist gathers his greatest theories and strategies to immerse himself definitively in the world of art in 2017.

The artist surfs between expressive art and effective design to help brands and people communicate messages that are in tune with Igana’s purpose in the pursuit of the development of the collective. The artist differs disruptively with his introductory approach to Design Thinking in art, and can adapt to different challenges, styles, and languages. This has brought a vast diversity of digital and physical skills. His creative process has its origin in research and creation in the digital medium, and when it is effectively produced, he uses tools such as brushes, pens, sprays, and ink to give life to the physical. As in design, Igana chooses its media based on the purpose of the project and the resources present.

He has had the opportunity to work with major brands such as Danone, Nike, Absolut, Swarovski, Heineken, RedBull, and Ambev, signing campaigns, actions, and performances by joining his artistic talent with his expertise in branding. Also doing works in Paris, London, São Paulo, and Amsterdam can leverage his international career. Currently, after completing a work on a gable (side of a building) in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, the artist seeks to expand into high-impact work and team management, fostering and creating opportunities for the birth of new artists.

“I specialize in visual communication, from branding to the art itself. This brings me experience and technique to transition between art, culture and entertainment to campaign objectives and brand interests. A match with an expertise rare by the market.”

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