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Gean Guilherme

Gean Guilherme, digital artist, 22 years old. Student of three-dimensional immersive technologies and audiovisual. Born and raised in Morro Santo Amaro, a favela located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Design student at PUC-Rio. Develops the SocialCryptoart project that makes use of the NFTs technology by directing funds, supporting and developing projects for social impact in the favela. Founder of the 2050 movement, in addition to being a favela audiovisual production company, a movement and a lifestyle. Innovating and studying the future of the favela through new technologies, supporting young people to discover and use this creative universe to our advantage. Through 3 pillars: Favela, Future, and Culture. We create and develop favela-oriented projects and connect young people to produce and co-create.

“The research in his work is based on the study of the future in the favela. Favela futurology. Using technological equipment such as Virtual Reality Glasses, scanners, computers and screens. Developing art projects and social innovation. It is possible to see beyond, create, and recreate the reality in the slums from the inside out. He develops a collective of creative young people, called On.Santo Amaro, which was born as a connection point between young people from Morro Santos Amaro, the community where Gean lives. The collective was created from a point of identification, that the community youth were not connected to each other. We founded the project to strengthen the connections of crias with crias and with new technologies.”

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