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Bboy Pelezinho

Since 1995, Alex José Gomes Eduardo (B-boy Pelezinho) started B-boying. Accumulating awards, battle experience, and knowledge of the showbusiness world. He has worked as an official Bboy on tours by Rapper Marcelo D2 and Charlie Brown Jr. In 2005 he was invited to represent Brazil at the Red Bull Bc One Breaking World Cup 2005 in Berlin, Germany. The world admired his dancing, a recognition of his unmistakable work and acrobatic style. Pelezinho was one of the surprises of the event – marking his definitive entry into the international circuit – by taking fourth place. His powerful and creative acrobatic style, with strong roots in Brazilian culture including elements of capoeira and samba combined with jumps and somersault sequences drove the audience and judges wild. Next came the international events BBoy World Cup 2006 Germany, Red Bull BC One 2006, São Paulo and R16 Sparkling Korea 2007 in Seoul and R16 Sparkling 2008 in Gyonggy, both in South Korea, in the latter taking a fantastic third place in the world. “To be a real B-boy one must respect the Family and fellow B-boys, know the history and origin of B-boying and dancing.”, says the B-boy. Pelezinho is currently part of the Tsunami All Stars Crew and was part of the Red Bull Bc One All Star First Formation. and represents Brazil in tours as a judge in championships, dance shows, and negotiates invitations to international championships around the world.

Breaking Dancer for over 20 years with Experience in National and International Events.

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