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Zorely Ramos Doria

Who I am, my life and experience are marked by my travels to the countries where I have lived and the inspiring people I have met along the way.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, where I have always been interested in books, history, and politics, which led me to study International Relations at Rosario University.

Then I traveled to France where I fulfilled my dream of studying at the Sorbonne University, where I got a master’s degree in international relations and environmental management. My experience in Paris made me strongly aware of issues related to environmental protection, healthy food, and the close relationship between human health and the environment.

In Mexico I was able to put into practice all my knowledge in education and environmental protection, I got involved with the issue of urban mobility promoting the use of the bicycle as a non-polluting means of transportation in the city, with this theme I worked for 4 years with the Mexican government and some local associations. In Mexico I also got to know Pole Dance, which was a total challenge, because I had never exercised this way before. I was completely smitten by this discovery. I had found the ideal sport for me, and it became a therapy, a challenge, a test of self-esteem, a dopamine cocktail that invaded me every evening when I trained after work.

Motivated by the feeling of enthusiasm and pleasure that Pole Dance brought to me, in Brazil I continued professionalizing myself, with three Pole Dance instructor training courses (Pole dance avec moi Marseille, Vertical Fit, São Paulo, and with Gui Ambrosio’s method, Pan-American Pole Dance champion), in order to share my knowledge and experience with other people.

Pole dance helped me to gain confidence in myself and to do important work of self-knowledge. Here in Brazil I had access to feminist authors like Jamila Ribeiro, Angela Davis, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, Nancy Fraser with the ‘Feminist Manifesto for the 99%, thanks to them I found many answers in my life as a woman, among which the certainty that I own my body, that I decide what I want for it, that I can do amazing things in pole and in life in general.

Pole art: Strength, flexibility and elegance

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