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Welcome. pleasure, I am Grazie Vetrella, married, mother of 4 children, being 1 couple and + 2 4-legged, and 2 years ago I made choices that strengthened and empowered me the power that I am, allowing me to realize the dream of moving to the countryside with my family during the onset of the pandemic. With a degree in Business Administration, Post-Graduation and several specialization courses in people management, I have built a solid career of more than 20 years of experience in HR especially in training and development in multinational companies.

One of the results of this journey was the creation of an exclusive mentoring method that, for over 14 months, has contributed to the lives of people so that they too can have clarity and make choices aligned to their essence and values.

Internationally certified as an Access Bar®️ course facilitator and practitioner of other consciousness expansion tools by Access Consciousness, inspiring and developing people is what I do.

How do I do it? With the right tools and the support of those who have already lived this trajectory, enabling the embark on a journey of self-knowledge that will free the mind for new thoughts, new opportunities, and with this, make conscious choices for the elaboration of life planning, that is, personal and professional, all in a light and fun way. Yes, fun, why not?

How soon? Every 10 seconds a choice, infinite possibilities. And you? Have you ever thought: what else is possible that you haven’t considered yet?

Get on board too!

Expansion of Consciousness, Alignment to Personal values.

Mentoring with consciousness expansion tools for alignment of plans and goals with personal values | Consciousness Expansion Facilitation | Access Consciousness Tools.

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