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Rosny Gerdes

Graduated from the prestigious French school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris in 1998, after many experiences abroad (Chateau de Grand Romaine in Torcy, France; Albergo Castiglioli Tinnela in Italy) and in restaurants in São Paulo (72; NaMesa; Cannelle; Supra; Riso; BellaLuna), he became the Course Coordinator and Professor at Accademia Gastronomica in São Paulo during 10 years. He also opened a dinner and event company called PHIROZA GASTRONOMIA. She took courage in this pandemic and reinvented herself: today she makes dishes from her identity that she calls Phiroza Comfort Food and is already resuming small events and dinners.

Basic Kitchen Skills; How to prepare beautiful Comfort Food; International Cuisine; Food Design;

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