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Romain Dumesnil

Franco-Brazilian visual artist graduated from EAV Parque Lage (Rio de Janeiro) and previously graduated from Sciences Po (France). He maintains in his work and career a strong interest in complex ecosystems (natural/physio-biological, socio-economic, technological) and in the exploration of transdisciplinary creative processes, in particular artistic processes and sustainable innovation, which use experimental logics and the power of the unexpected through the hybridization of the most diverse knowledge and practices.

Accompaniment and artistic development

Sessions dedicated to individualized coaching of creative practices and processes for visual artists and creators in general. Each session will take as its starting point the participant’s own concrete and specific problems, be they issues related to conceptual thinking, production and techniques, management and professional development, or any other topic relevant to the participant. From the initial conversation, the participant will be offered hints for reflection and inspiration, exercises, and possible strategies to emancipate and stimulate the participant’s artistic and creative development.

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