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Patrick Catapano

Patrick Catapano, born in Italy, grew up in Brazil, returned to his origins when he was 15 years old, worked in several pizzerias in Italy, studied and grew in the profession.

It is dedicated above all to disseminating the idea of pizza and bread as healthy, cultural, inclusive, and fun food, because it believes that all food, if made with love and dedication can nourish joy and well being, above the professional look, it has a human look on the act of cooking, because it knows that everything is energy, and that the pure intention of loving through what is done is the key to the growth of all in all areas.

He seeks to inspire through his lifestyle, connected, simple, and fun eating.

Pizza as food and cultural transformation.

Understand the importance of raw materials.

The commitment to the food and to the consumer.

How to undertake beyond profit.

Trends and innovation.

How to make a pizza with impact.

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