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Mary Yoshida

Practitioner and passionate about Yoga for 15 years, I graduated as a Hatha, Yoga Therapy and Vinyasa teacher from Humaniversidade Holística. And as a teacher of Shakti Tantra Yoga with Claudio Fernandez!

I am a Psychologist, Body Therapist, and Tantric Therapist.

I specialize in Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki and ThetaHealing!

I started out teaching private Yoga classes, then expanded into larger spaces and gyms. I love the energy of a full room!

Today I understand and look at the human being as a multidimensional being, where body, mind, emotions, energy are one. Forming our complexity, beauty, and uniqueness.

And I believe that the practice of yoga is a walk, a lifestyle, a means to self-knowledge, and to our development as divine beings. A walk with care, with patience, with persistence. Honoring and respecting the Yoga philosophy and our body exactly the way it is that day!

Psychology, Body and Sexuality.

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