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“Undertaking yourself – finding and practicing your soul’s calling, is for me the greatest challenge of our existence. That is my quest and being able to contribute to others in that calling is what drives me,” says Juna. Juliana Nascimento, JuNa, is a visual artist, creative entrepreneur, and mother of Lara. Ex-corporate and now self-taught artist, Juna provokes us to reflect with her art about the power of being a child and how we adults can be inspired and learn from these little masters. Her art rescues the creative memory of children expressed in drawings kept inside closets and re-signifies them in new works using the mixed technique. His poetics transits through the imagination, freedom, and magic of the children’s universe, relating and composing a whole web of meanings from the creative-affective memory of the child.

Her artistic journey began after a career transition where she worked for almost 15 years at Natura with innovation, human centered design, network co-creation and consumer insight projects. Seeking a work more in line with her essence, she found herself in the universe of the arts, the creative process, the expansion of consciousness, and self-development. It believes in the potential of a more sustainable economy with greater socio-environmental impact, creative and collaborative, in the potential of humans in rebuilding themselves and their surroundings, and in the potential of love as transformative energy.

Entrepreneurship, career transition, work with meaning and purpose, self-development, more creative life, personal potential, personal development, changing habits.

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