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Pat Larix

Graduated in Industrial Design, she worked for years in the corporate market until her physical and emotional exhaustion. He then decided to change his life completely and went to live aboard a sailboat, where he found purpose in a minimalist life full of adventures among the elements of nature. In an individual journey of courage, Patrícia learned to sail, to navigate, and to take care of the maintenance of a 32-foot sailboat. His experience is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone, face their fears, and live a more meaningful life away from society’s limiting concepts that lead us to an ordinary life.

Sailing Brave: About a Brave Journey We will cover all the stages that built this trajectory: The comfort zone/ The call to something greater/ Facing fears with courage/ The great leap/ The beauty of the unknown/ Unexpected conflicts/ Setting sail to continue the journey.

We will also explore concepts and tools that I used during the process: Minimalism, Essentialism, Nomadism, Tiny houses, Slow Life, Voluntary Simplicity, Financial Independence, and the Sufficient Economy, among other pertinent ones.

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