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Ney Faustini

Ney Faustini, from São Paulo, is a rare fruit of the most relevant transformations that have occurred in the city’s music scene in the last decades, becoming one of the most prominent examples of a commitment to music of the most varied origins and stylistic purposes. Trained in and having played at legendary clubs of Brazilian clubber culture, Ney Faustini has won over dance floors around Brazil and the world, having played at renowned festivals such as Rock In Rio, Dekmantel, DGTL, and Tribaltech.

His reputation as one of the most prolific music producers in Brazil has been attested by labels around the world. No matter how much experience he has accumulated during his brilliant career, his sets and productions are the materialization of a creative and enormous will to invent and reinvent himself, placing Ney Faustini among the most consolidated and respected artists in the country.

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