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MC Riaj

My name is Jair better known as Riaj, I am 20 years old and live in the South Zone of SP, Grajaú. I have been part of the artistic scene for 5 years, during this period I won some of the biggest rhyme battles in São Paulo and the biggest in Rio de Janeiro, the Batalha do Tanque. I have performed poetry presentations in Saraus and Schools, presentations in CCAs and participated in shows and festivals such as the “Red Bull Amaphiko Festival”, the “Hip Hop Month” and the freestyle presentation in the last participation of Blenders in Mula Preta. My area of expertise is modern music, more specifically with the musical style of Rap in written or improvised songs (Freestyle). I carry the banner of the fight for black causes in my lyrics and of the peripheral youth as representation. I have participated in projects like “Grajaúventude” and have in my repertoire songs like “Correntes” and “Sem Justiça Sem Paz”.

Even though I am young, I have already accumulated a lot of experience in the artistic area that I practice, and with my mastery and charisma I know well how to entertain and work with any kind of audience, whether as a form of distraction or even something more serious. I expand my work into songs, freestyles, and battles. In improv battles today I am one of the biggest names in São Paulo, especially in the South Zone. In music, I carry the art of the periphery, empowerment, and motivation. And freestyle has already become something natural. I love what I do and I do it well! this is the energy that I will pass on to your event 🙂

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