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Jamiel Castro

Jamiel Castro Jr is an entrepreneur, author, researcher, coach and mentor. He has 20 years of corporate experience, mainly in the financial area and people – T&D (training and development). It works with consulting and human and business development processes for companies of various sizes and for professionals from various segments, cultures, hierarchical levels and nationalities.

He attended Business Administration (Mackenzie) and Social Communication (FIAM). In coaching, he has been trained (since 2005) and specializations by ICI-Integrated Coaching Institute (Senior Coaching, Leadership, Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Career and Team Coaching).

In his work of human development, he integrates approaches from different lines and perspectives (uses coaching resources, Resonant Leadership, Mindfulness, Science of Happiness, Quantum Physics and others) to provoke deep expansion of consciousness and generate lasting change.

Sprint of personal and professional performance – through the expansion of consciousness, definition of values, exploration of new perspectives, intention-attitude-impact alignment, the internal/external world balance and activation of motivation drivers.

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