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Couple of Things

We are Diana Boccara and Leo Longo, the duo behind Couple of Things.

In 2015, we allowed the desire to make authorial art and tell our own stories to become a reality. We gave up the comfort of a permanent home, the security of our prosperous careers in the TV industry, and many other certainties to live roaming the world with just a couple of suitcases and our cameras. If it’s going to happen, let it happen with delivery and intensity.

This is the tip of the iceberg of a profound transformation that has been going on constantly in our lives ever since. We have become minimalists, restless independent artists, and passionate explorers of artistic collaboration in all four corners of the world.

For us, creating and filming series is much more than entertainment. It is our way of reflecting on human relationships and on the future. It is our way of contributing to a more diverse and happier life.

Part of our trajectory can be seen in the series “What If Collab” (Amazon Prime Video and YouTube), “Videoclipers” (Globoplay and Youtube) and “Around The World in 80 Music Videos” (YouTube); in the 3 talks done on the stages of TEDxSão Paulo (Youtube); in the book “Around The World in 80 Music Videos” (available on Amazon); among others.

Music & Entertainment: “Making Series Out of Paper”, “The World’s First Music Video Series: The Risks and Benefits of a Global Series”, “Producing Series and Content Around the World”, “Producing Series Through the Collaborative Economy” and “The Power of the Music Video: Turning Music into Stories

Art & Culture: “No-Budget Productions: How to Empower Communities” and “Using Art to Bring People Together

Positive Impact: “Trust Strangers: How an Attitude Can Change the World” and “The Power of Collaboration

Personal Empowerment: “Finding and Developing Skills by Doing What We Never Did” and “Career Transition: Trading the Right for the Uncertain

Entrepreneurship: “The Artist’s Survival: How to Prosper by Making Art”, “The Successful Life Where Work and Love Life Mix”, “Professional Emancipation: When Irresponsibility and Courage Confuse” and “Collabs as Cause and Consequence of Success”.

Lifestyle: “Minimalism Is Not About Having Too Little, It’s About Having Everything You Need”, “How A Life Without Material Possessions Resigned Our World”, “Travel to Meet People, Not Places”, “How the Sharing Economy Changes the Way We Consume and Live”, and “Living with No Fixed House and Only One Suitcase”.

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