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Boris Percus

Born on March 4, 1988 in Paris, it was when he arrived in Martinique in the mid-1990s that Boris discovered the bèlè drum.

Trained on the drums by Jacky Alpha and on the Ka drum by Bebe Rospart, the Martinique-specific drumming becomes his specialty. While studying in continental France, the young percussionist discovered Congolese music in its diversity.

He joined groups in the Lyon region, Kamalingo and Lisanga, who introduced him to Rumba and Seben. These are the formations that allow him, during a concert in 2009, to accompany Congas Papa Wemba (a legend of Congolese music). In 2008 Boris moved to Paris, where he rediscovers the sounds of his childhood. He collaborates with Edmond Mondésir on the reissue tour of his “Emosion Bèlè” album and participates in Caribbean jazz projects appearing on the records of Frantz Laurac, Hervé Celcal, and the “Mizikopeyi” Big Band. Since then, he has accompanied internationally renowned artists such as Dédé Saint-Prix, Kassav, Admiral T, or Gérald Toto, helping to promote the culture of the French Antilles around the world. It was in 2018 that his first album, Mbokaraïb, was released. The titles, written or co-written by Boris, are the result of a mix that assumes the kinship between Central African and Caribbean music.

In the same year, the musician moved to Brazil from where he recently launched the Drum Team project, a group formed by renowned percussionists united in a modern instrumental with Caribbean colors.

Bèlè drum, a drum specific to Martinique.

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