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What the customer wanted

The main objective of this event was to celebrate and acknowledge the 10 winners of the Healthy Children Award 2020, in addition to providing a different look at healthy and sustainable food for Nestlé's key stakeholders: government, press and influencers.

What we delivered

We had a varied audience. And with this challenge, we surprised everybody with a blend of unforgettable and inspiring experiences, with artists and performers focused on the children's universe, accessing emotions in a very special way and promoting interactive networking with Art and Music.

We select artists, journalists and influencers to promote a culture of healthy eating habits and encourage physical activities for children. We visited the studio of the artist Juna, had virtual rides and a tribute to the teachers during the third edition of the "For More Healthy Children Award", an exciting and inspiring moment, which highlighted not only the initiatives but showed the difficulties they face in their daily lives.

As a social legacy, we connected Nestlé with Pé de Feijão for the implementation of an organic garden in Calmon Viana, Poá, to benefit 150 families selected by the Social Skate NGO of Sandro Testinha, in addition to training residents to take care of the space.

The community of Calmon Viana in Poá was one of the most affected by the pandemic, with a high rate of hunger among residents. The initiative that we selected for Nestlé aims to teach them how to take care of the garden, giving all the necessary subsidies for 5 months so that they have food and families can make more than one healthy meal a day.

Depoimento de Elodie Levrel sobre o Blend Inspire
“The Blend Inspire experience is much more than an online event. It is a perfect combination of relevant content, art, music and NGOs to enhance the audience's experience and humanize the message we need to communicate, with many surprises on the agenda in a totally different way than you have already experienced. It's a unique way to really connect people to your business. In the case of Nestlé, we first connected health professionals, the press, influencers, government and teachers to discuss the eating habits of Brazilian children and the use of technology. At the end, we did the Nestlé Award ceremony for Healthier Children, recognizing the 10 winning schools and their teachers.”

- Juliana Oliveira | Creating Shared Value, Mkt & Communication

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In a practical way, how do we do all this?
  • We select social contexts
  • We position your company in front of the society
  • We develop actions oriented to the values and purpose of your company
  • We integrate values to transform companies into catalysts for responsible actions
  • We highlight competitive advantages for effective changes
  • We match companies and social projects
  • We give visibility to responsible initiatives
  • We examine the environmental, economic and social landscape to propose effective actions
  • We have a state-of-the-art team to suggest the digital solution best suited to your business need

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