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Tito Ficarelli

Tito Ficarelli was born in São Paulo/SP, the city where he has lived ever since. From a family of Italian and French immigrants, he always had contact with art through his parents: an architect mother and a musician father

He was a professional bass player from age 18 to 25, especially playing for Holly TREE, an important band in the São Paulo rock scene in the late 90s. In this same period, he graduated as an architect and urban planner from the University

Mackenzie/SP. He spent a short time in some architectural offices, and in the search for an authorial production, he joined his sister Chantal Ficarelli, architect, and in 2010 they formed ARKITITO, an architectural office.

Since then, they have produced a large number of projects together, in the commercial, scenographic, and residential segments. The work is marked especially by issues of construction efficiency, valorization of structural elements, and the rational use of natural lighting and other elements of nature.

Brazilian house construction, architectural and urbanistic thinking

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