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Luisa Haddad

Luisa is a biologist, graduated in Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s degrees from UNESP Botucatu (2008) with an MBA in Sustainability Management from FGV (2013), she worked for 6 years as a corporate sustainability project manager in several regions of the country and today leads Pé de Feijão. Luisa decided to enter the world of impact business to transform the learning from her personal journey of changing lifestyle into a health and wellness program that promotes a more sustainable diet, reconnecting people with the food cycle in a didactic way, showing that the way to eat better can be a practical, enjoyable, and transformative experience.

O Pé de Feijão is an impact business that aims to transform the way people relate to food.

To support people in the process of behavior change, it offers one-off and ongoing health and wellness experiences for groups and educators, and in many of the works uses urban gardens as a learning platform to help people make better choices in everyday life, losing the fear of venturing into the garden and kitchen, and taking the reins in health care, helping to reduce the prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases, and minimizing our impact on natural resources from what we eat.

Sustainability, of entrepreneurship, of so many different aspects and the experience as well.

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