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Frederic Aumeunier

Frederic Aumeunier started cooking at 15, making pizzas with his uncle and then started an apprenticeship at La Pyramide, a 2 Michelin Star establishment in France, for 2 years. In this environment, with so much history (it was the first restaurant ever to obtain a 3rd Michelin Star), he realized how passionate he was about gastronomy. After a few years in Lyon, France, he moved to the UK to strengthen his techniques and to develop other skills, including management. There he worked for the Royal Family, TV stars and for several fine dining restaurants across the country. These experiences led him to Maison Pic, a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant, in France, where he was the Head Chef and then to Per Se in NYC where he has worked as Sous Chef since 2019. That was a way for him to develop further his palate and his creativity on how to associate flavors for the most exceptional culinary experience.

Frédéric is an entrepreneur at heart who seizes opportunities as they arise. He’s also a passionate, generous chef who has not hesitated for a second to support local farmers and communities during difficult times. His work reconnects Haute Gastronomy with the land, seasonality and taste.

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