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Serguei Aver

Serguei Aver received his education with the acclaimed Ferrandi School in Paris where he graduated with honors and major of his promotion while working for Alain Dutournier in Paris (3 Michelin star Chef). He then started his Bachelor’s degree at Vatel Switzerland, worked in Geneva with the worldwide known Chef Michel Roth, entered the selective Marco Polo program which sent him to Vatel Philippines. Serguei completed his professional training in China at the Sofitel Nanjing before enrolling at Vatel USA where he graduated with a dual Master and MBA degree with concentration in Hospitality Management.

He completed his education at Vatel USA with a one year training in New York City where he was hired by the Bagatelle Group and quickly trusted to become Operations Manager. This is in New York that he connected with the Maison Petrossian and was offered to become the General Manager of their world famous boutique on the corner of 7th Avenue and 58 street, as well as taking charge of project development for Florida and Texas and being the Caviar Expert for the US. Serguei Aver is also the Co-Owner of Sweet Rehab, a famous high-end Bakery/pastry in Soho, New York City and is launching an alcohol brand and a hospitality Group by the end of 2021.

Caviar Experience

Learn about the history of caviar, the evolution of this industry blended with incredible stories, myths, and unbelievable facts. We would go together across what caviar is, how is it made, why caviar is a luxurious product, how to eat it and of course why is it an endangered species with its geo-political complexity.

Business & Entrepreneurship

You are looking for some support in the unknown but exciting world of entrepreneurship. I will be able to guide you by accompanying you through your journey and bring your dreams to success.

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Gastronomy & Mixology

Business & Entrepreneurship

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