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Rica Amaral

Rica lives at the intersection of design, business, impact, and technology.

With a degree in Social Communication from ESPM, a Master in Design for Social Impact from Paris College of Art, and a Fellow of the On-Purpose program, he works with projects that use new technologies to recognise and protect people’s civil liberties, reduce inequality, benefit democracy, and preserve the world. He is a self-starter entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in strategy and concept development, innovation, and workshop facilitation.

He is the founder of two start-ups and a bar in Berlin and is also one of the co-founders of the NGO Positive Blockchain.

He is passionate about regenerative design, art as an experience, and future thinking as a rehearsal of the future to inform the present.


– Concepts, projects, and communication development

– Long-term strategy development & Product, service, and process innovation

– Conceptual, creative, and strategic development of projects in Blockchain, web3, and NFTs

– Workshops development and facilitation

– Speculative Design, Future Thinking, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Regenerative Design, Experience Design, Design Sprints

– Manifesto & Storytelling

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