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Kathrine Maceratta

Kathrine Maceratta is a Sustainability Strategist and founder of GAEA COLLABORATION LTD., a platform dedicated to amplify the impact of sustainable business and to incorporate regenerative practices into organisations committed to make a positive impact in the world and to balance Profit, People and Planet. Kathrine works as a sustainability consultant for brands and business and also does lectures on the topic of Sustainability and Purpose for organisations.

Kathrine’s background combines achievements as a senior marketing leader, through 20 years career at Unilever leading global brands of over 1Billion Euro, with her passion for developing sustainable and regenerative solutions for business to thrive in a systemic way.

To be more effective in this area Kathrine has complemented her marketing and business management experience with studies in the area of System Thinking, Circular Economy, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Sustainability at Harvard University.

It’s been a fascinating adventure to defy everything I have learned and known as a marketing professional through the systemic lens I have acquired with my Sustainability studies and practice. Sustainability has become more than a new set of skills; it has become a way of thinking, of facing the world. It has re-framed my work and given it new meaning. Today I bring together all the rigour and expertise acquired leading marketing strategies for global brands, with the understanding of the planet’s limits and the interconnectedness that exist between absolutely every human activity and nature. I’m always open to support anyone or any organisation interested in finding that sweet spot where Business, People and Planet can thrive. My experience and my own personal transformation in this area is what I offer to the world.

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