Team Building

Objective: Event to celebrate the end of the fiscal year and to welcome the new business cycle. Aiming to energize the leaders, provoke "out of the box" reflections, putting things in perspective, and to rethink team working.

Testimony of Sergio Fontenelle about Blend Inspire
“Spectacular event thought with all the care you need to surprise and engage! In a moment of so much uncertainty and turbulence, we managed to create an environment of support, solidarity, inclusion, and celebration!”

- Sergio Fontenelle Marques | Tax Managing Partner, EY Brazil

Testimony of Marcelo Godinho about Blend Inspire
"Connection, emotion, and joy. All of this you find flowing with Blend!"

- Marcelo Godinho | People Advisory Services, EY Brazil

Testimony of Rodrigo Baggio about Blend Inspire
"The online event was a success! The dynamic gave us the possibility to meet artists, new partners and tell more about Recode's mission and projects. It was exciting to see the participants' interacting with the stories of our young people and their enthusiasm with social transformation! It's always a wonderful experience to be able to connect with more people who want to make a difference in the world."

- Rodrigo Baggio, NGO Recode CEO

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