Team Building

Broadpeak goals:

1. Reinforce the relationship with clients and prospects

2. Strengthen Broadpeak leading image and be the reference on key themes

3. Generate leads

Audience: C Level of telecom operators

Timing: October. Substitution of the annual IBC meeting in Amsterdam.

Other requirements: Attend all time zones; Languages: English (main), Spanish and Portuguese (LATAM events); Session with product demo; share clients’ cases

Blend Inspire’s solution

An interactive and connective mix of events. Connective program integrating both sides of the online interactivity generation spectrum:

BPK 10 – The VIP Experience: a premium participative and emotion-generative content-rich ‘directed’ networking format, with instigated meetings in ‘virtual carpools’; opportunity to demonstrate CARE to clients through a privileged premium networking experience, strengthen links & networking with Tier One clients and for brand positioning.

BROADPEAK OPEN HOUSE: a free ‘self-navigating’ open house with a network of connected rooms and all the features of a real live event including main stages, simultaneous fireside chats, coffee tables, interaction tools and networking opportunities available at all times; opportunity to develop awareness, lead generation and conversations.

Bonus Track: CSR program launching. This event was an ideal global stage for a public launch of Broadpeak’s CSR initiative in 2020, positioning the company as active on a cause related to its value and mission & engaging Broadpeak’s partners, clients and Tier One clients via live crowdfunding to co-fund a specific action during the Blend Experience; a great opportunity for image building as a leading responsible tech company.

Other activities

Depoimento de Ini Uko sobre o Blend Inspire
“Blend Inspire took a small opportunity in the virtual space to unite so many individuals across different time zones, in an invigorating way. Their dedication to finding unique artistry and efficient collaboration is why I will think of Blend Inspire again and again when it comes to creative, social functions.”

- Ini Uko Sommelier Grand Mandarin Oriental NYC

Depoimento de Elodie Levrel sobre o Blend Inspire
“Blend helped us organize a new-of-a-kind series of events for our customers and partners. They enabled us to (re)connect with them during this work-from-home time and share a unique experience and memories with our VIP customers. Thanks to Blend’s bright ideas, work, and high energy, the events generated an image of Broadpeak as a very innovative company! A great new mix of business, art, philanthropy, thanks Blend Inspire!”

- Elodie Levrel | Communication Director - Broadpeak

Open House Broadpeak
VIP Experience Broadpeak

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